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“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” - Galileo

In 1977, radio astronomer Jerry Ehman was going over data from the Big Ear Radio Telescope. His job was to search for evidence that alien civilizations might be trying to communicate with us through radio waves.

He stumbled on a signal so interesting and unique that he circled it and wrote “WOW” in red pen. The characters were “6EQUJ5”, distinguishing them from all the other 1s and 2s on the field of data. What does this code mean? Is it a message from an alien civilization? And if so, what are they trying to tell us? The answer is still unknown.

Begin transmission...

THE SIGNAL is a story about humankind reaching out into the cosmos and the cosmos reaching back. From writer Kevin Schwoer and artist Neil Anderson, comes a tale of betrayal, redemption, love, and triumph of the human spirit.

Annie Archaya is a disgraced, former NASA astronomical data analyst who discovers a signal from deep space. Only, the message isn’t from an alien’s from a human. Her search for the truth launches her on a journey of self-discovery full of alien conspiracies, government cover-ups, and answers that span the cosmos. Posing the question, are we alone in the universe?

Writing / Kevin Schwoer
Art / Neil Anderson & Jeremy Megert
Colors / Sean Callahan   Letters / Toben Racicot
Edits / Mike Squitieri


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